Turn off helping red lines

Hello, is there please a way how to turn off temporarily the helping red lines? It’s good helping tool but if you want to create something more detailed, the lines make it impossible. Thanks.

There’s not a way to turn them off currently, but it is a great idea. You still should ha e the ability to use your arrow keys to move components.

Also, if you zoom at a maximum level to let you design your screen, you’ll be able to adjust your components and the red lines will be less impacting.

The arrows don’t seem to work for me. I tried with zooming but it’s quite tricky as the lines do affect it a lot. However, thanks for the advice!

For the arrows to work, you must ensure the component is selected. Also, long press does not work if iam correct, you have to press as many times as required to get the component moving. Can be quite long