Tutorials on how to use Adalo marketplace components

Just a quick suggestion. Adalo should release tutorials on how to use the new marketplace components.


Imo, some components there in the Marketplace needs further testing.
I tested all of them

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We do offer help docs on those that were created within Adalo, Adalo | Marketplace Components It is up to the external developer to offer docs on their products. As we learn and grow I am sure new processes and opportunities for help docs will appear through users and our support team.


Study Bubble’s ecosystem. Their plugin market is a failure for this reason.

Strong curation and testing by Adalo is essential.

If you don’t enforce strong documentation & testing standards, most plugin makers won’t provide it.

Worse, your forums - like Bubble’s - will become littered with complaints about the plugins, error codes, useless responses from the component makers, and more. Over time, even most plugins that initially work end up failing as the platform or (3rd party dependencies) change - and the plugin providers don’t stay out in front of the changes.

I am a bit dismayed to see one of the worst offenders on Bubble - a company that makes lots of plugins for Bubble that don’t work, throw errors, and more - is now in Adalo’s plugin ecosystem. :frowning:

Please take a very very strong role in making sure this marketplace works. Just opening it up and hoping it works out will fail.

After 2 years of saying they would no longer build plugins, guess what Bubble is now doing again with a vengeance? Yep - building plugins. Because the marketplace is a disaster.


I feel like documentation should be a requirement… even if it’s just a video walkthrough of how to setup, implement and use the plugin.


+1 on the above. Please pay attention Adalo team <3.


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Created a feature request for Mandatory documentation of new Marketplace components: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/make-documentation-for-new-components-in-marketplace-mandatory


Which company is that? Would be good to give us a heads-up so we make sure to test vigorously before rolling it out for users. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback and we do take this very seriously.

I have also been a Bubble user for an extended period of time and experienced these problems. I have also brought up these points internally and I can assure you, we will do our best to avoid repeating the mistakes of the Bubble plugin marketplace.

I backup this, having tested Bubble, I gave up, most of plugins were hard to implement or even working properly. I would prefer to have Adalo components and pay a small fee for them then to go over 3rd party. I am a Wordpress developer and see this downfall everyday, I only recur to valid agencies/companies to use their plugins and that have good customer support.

@karimoo perhaps DM to one of the Adalo folks and point out the company that’s one of the worst offenders on Bubble

We do thoroughly test all components submitted to the marketplace and work with the developer to ensure that both functionality and usability are up to our standards before we approve them.

We hear you on the requirement for 3rd party components to include documentation. We’ll be adding this as a requirement in the near future.


I feel very strongly about this as well. It is not about just documentation and more on overall support for these components. Is a double edge sword, right? Having the community build components helps expand functionality, fast-track and build a stronger adaptation, but at the same time having too many cooks in the kitchen promotes irregularities, non-clean code, build with no inside knowledge, etc. I do like that there is at least a developer’s guide, but believe until the marketplace can be monetized, we won’t see higher quality code, functionality, standards, and support.

For me, is extremely important that Adalo does not rely on third parties to develop core functionality and that all third parties can pledge to support their components for a minimum period of time. Otherwise, you are basically adding more risk to your build after launch. I would not want to be in a situation where your app takes off and a component breaks or behaves is a way you did not expect and be at the mercy of a component developer were they are nowhere to be found.

Maybe another requirement aside from documentation is a direct link to a support page/email (Much like when you purchase a plugin/theme from Themeforest.net). Developers can get paid a yearly fee to support a component so that there is an incentive–IDK, just some ideas to promote a healthy marketplace.

Both coming from WordPress and then Bubble, I as well fear that this will be the same history repeating itself. This is not to bash on any plugin developer as I do believe we need the marketplace to empower and build a stronger community, but for Adalo to take a strong stance on this matter.

I would be more than happy to pay an additional fee so that Adalo can look for 2-5 freelance coders that can target fundamental components, stick to the standards, work closely with the team, learn the ins-and-outs over a period of time, and ultimately work with the same people.

In any case, Thank you to the Adalo Team and all the component developers that have contributed thus far for enabling us to achieve what we can do now and what will be able to do in the future.


Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions. I have brought this matter to the attention of the team and we are working towards always improving the components marketplace and we definitely consider all feedback such as this when implementing changes.

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