Unknown filter on frontpage

I am attaching two screenshots of my homescreen. One as you can see is darker than the other, it appears as though it has a kind of filter on the darkest, which goes away if I swipe left/back or restart the app. I have tried to look after hidden layers. I am able to trigger the filter by pressing a specific space between the top two buttons. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

Hi @parksidecreator,

How do you get the dark version? What are the steps to reproduce?

I’ve seen such things, when there is another empty screen with transparent background, which is opened from the 1st screen. Something like when one creates a modal screen, adds an action to call this modal screen, sets action style to Modal and then deletes everything from the modal screen.

But your case could be different, of course.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor,

As mentioned I was able to trigger the filter by pressing a specific place between the top two buttons on the list, it seemed like. And I say “was” because now as we speak I am no longer able. Hopefully the filter is gone. For the most part it appeared as it came on sporadically. Was also thinking alongs the line of modal-screen, or left-menu, but this filter has been coming on without there being any other modifications.