Unlock markers near not-logged in users

I am trying to build a feature in my PWA. Where users who are not logged in, but who has allowed access to their location, will have markers revealed within a certain proximity. Is that possible? Many thx in advance

Hi @Wammen,

You can update location for each user from within the app - on some app page, for example.
Though after a user closes the app - the location won’t be updated anymore. You can’t build an “online people tracker” on Adalo for those users who are not using the app.
Also keep in mind that location updates use some credits in Google’s Location APIs, so if you are updating a location on each click, this might become costly.

NB: I am not sure if Adalo-based apps can update the location while running in the background. Anyway when a user explicitly closes the app - location updates will stop anyway.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor, many thx for your answer. Let me elaborate. The user is within the maps component of the app - it doesn’t require login to my app to be directed to the page of the map component. I just want to show users on that page markers within 200 meter I.e.