Unlocking modules to users as they progress

I am building a coaching app with stages of work to do. I am struggling with the following: I want the users to do the stages in order. I want them to see what is locked, but not be able to access it. As they complete a stage, they get access to the next one.

I am probably over-complicating the solution - any idea how to build it into a simple mechanism?

Currently I have a statuses database - each time a user completes a stage, a new entry is created recording the number of the completed stage. I was hoping to show the locked stages for those whose number is above the maximum stage completed… but I am struggling with that.

Any help welcome! Thanks. Greg

Hi @gregdarebe,

The possible solution could depend on how you present modules to users. Are they all on the same screen? Is it a “list” of modules, and then you direct the user to separate screens, dedicated to each module? Or there is another way?

Implementing user access on per-screen basis seems to be one of the possible solutions. You could have the “level” of the user in the Users database, and block/grant access to the screen, if the level is above/below needed.
You could also implement the same logic when adding click action from a list.
You could also have a list with some icon, which is displayed as a “lock”, when user is below certain level. So in this list you will show all modules, but some of them are “locked”, and non-accessible as you block clicking action with the same principle.

Just some ideas :slight_smile:


Hi @Victor,

Thanks a lot for your answer - you inspired into trying something new… I found a workaround… not perfect yet though… I may revert here if I fail to scale!

Thanks, Greg

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