Update all action in Database?

I have a social network within my app and was wondering if there’s an action that would update ALL the logged in users Following/Followers if that said user were to delete their account. Thanks

when a user delete his account, he will be removed from all the other users

I have the count different within the database so the users can see their posts when they create it (user is a follower/following of themselves) but to not have themselves counted as a user within their following/follower count I had to create the count as its own property within the user’s collection. (following count/followers count) otherwise the count would show an additional follower/following.

If I don’t have the users follow themselves then they would not be able to see their own posts within the list due to the list needing to have a filter “posts - posting user’s followers - contains - logged in user”. or “logged in users - following users - posts - All”

So i was curious if there’s a way to update the logged in Users Following/follower Users following/followers count after the logged in user deletes themselves.

Hi John,

You can add a filter to the count like this.

Thank you

wow, did not even notice that filter. Thank you!

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Your Welcome!

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