Update true/false property when toggle is turned on

I’m trying to make a true/false property within a new record that is filled out by a user go true or false whether a toggle is turned on or not but it doesn’t look like that’s possible.

Is there a way I can have a property be true/false when a user submits a new record?

The toggle provided within the form component disappears when users click on it.

Hi John,

So you have a Custom Form and in the form you have a toggle and you need to toggle that for the new record right?

Two ways to do that :

  1. You can create a true/false property on the Users collection and set that property to the toggle on the custom form. And then in your button create action fill the true/false property of that create action to Logged in user's> True/False property. And add another Update action after create action to reset the Logged in user’s True/False property to false.

  2. Creating the record before coming to the screen that has the form and add the Update Current Item action to the button of the Custom form instead of the Create action.

Thank you

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Yeah I was aware of that method but then all the collections the user creates would show that label if that property were to be true.

I would like that particular item the user create to have the true or false

The Adalo team should fix their form component so the toggle doesn’t disappear when pressed

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