Updating A Field Using Multiple Records In A List

Hey everyone! I feel like I should know the answer to this, but it’s escaping me.

This uses three collections: Users, Projects, and User_Projects.

I have two lists on a page. One is a list of available team members to assign to a project (a list of a company’s users), the other is a list of the users assigned to a project (a list of each User_Project with a relationship to the current Project).

When someone clicks on the list of available team members, it creates a User_Project. When someone clicks on an assigned team member, it deletes the User_Project. It’s a pretty simple selection system.

However, I want to create an easily searchable field of all users assigned to a project (to be used on a different page). This would be a text field titled “assignee search”, and it would just be a list of all the names from the User_Projects connected to the Project.

I thought about setting up a hidden text field to hold all of the user values (which would then be used to update the assignee search field with a button press), but since the number of User_Projects varies, I have no idea how I would do that.

Any recommendations?

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