Updating lists on booking requests

I’m creating a booking platform where users can request talent that they would like to book.

I have created a shortlist where users can shortlist the talent they would like to book when a booking request is created that is then sent to an admin.

The issue I am having is that the shortlisted talent isn’t updating when a new booking request is created. It currently shows that all the bookings have the same model shortlist when I need it to show each shortlisted talent for each new booking request.

I have added an image to communicate the issue more effectively


Can you take a screenshot of the screens and explain the flow of the booking process?

Step 1- User shortlists talent by ticking the box next to the name. Shortlisted talent is added or deleted according to ticks in the check box and displayed above.

Step 2. The user clicks book model and is then taken to a create booking request screen. where they input their booking details and click submit job which creates a boking request

Step 3
The user confirms job and is taken to a summary page with shortlisted talent.

The admin page shows the same shortlisted talent for every booking

Would it be possible for you to do a screen recording and clicking your lists and database collections to show all of the parameters you have set up? It sounds like it should work but maybe something small is missing.

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