URL web view doesnt work

i paste a url on both, in a direct link to website and in a webview component, and either one doesn’t work. any thoughts???

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Could you include screenshots so I could see what the problem is?

In the webview! ;(

It might probably be the website that you are are using. Try “youtube.com or amazon.com

I am also getting the same error. I’ve tried multiple sites, but they all show the same error in Web View. Anyone have a solution for this? I need the user to visit a URL for approvals and I really would like them to stay in my app for this.

Hi Bob,

Maybe not 100% what you’re thinking, but you can keep them in the app using the “In-App Browser”

webviewer is best for viewing PDFs, not sure it works with external websites.


Thanks for the feedback Eric. That’s the way it works now, but not quite the experience I desire. I saw another thread (here) that suggested creating a custom component that uses the react-native-web-webview component. I’ve messaged that Adalo user to see if they were able to get past the compile issues I’m facing. If I don’t hear back from them, I’ll post a topic here.

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