User and Subsers (characters)

I have two collections, one for users and one for characters.
Users can have multiple characters and characters can have multiple users.
The logged in user uses their characters to interact with other users’ characters. In other words, the interaction takes place between the characters of the users, and not between the logged in users.
Here I encounter a problem when I need to update the table of the character who is visiting the current character, because the option of the logged in user appears and not the character of the logged in user…
Any options to solve the problem?

Hi @Diogo,

As I can imagine, you have something like this: [A] a screen of characters (list), where app user chooses the character to interact with, and then gets to [B] another screen with counter-party character details (and you have Current Character there). And you’d like, for example, to leave a comment from one of the logged-in user’s characters.

To do this, you need to have some place to choose which logged-in user character are you using. You can have this on the screen before [A], smth like “choose your character”. Or you can select the character on [B] with another list.
Please note that you’ll have 2 Current Characters - one for Logged-in user, another for counter-party, so you will need to test which fields to update.
You can also try to use character selection dropdown on [B], this should eliminate 2nd Current Character.

Another possible option to explore is to have an additional relationship between Users and Characters, call it “Selected Character”. Set it up in a way that user can have only one selected Character (as a consequence Character can have many selected Users). Then you can set the selected character for logged-in user somewhere in the app, and its properties will be accessible via the magic text directly, so you can display info from them.

As a side note - I wonder how a character can have multiple users. This may lead to a case where the update for this character, initiated by a particular user, will change this character for all its users. But here I may be not aware of some details how business process should work.

Best regards, Victor.

To create the record of the “Relationship” between the Characters, I can.
But when I need to update the “Relationship” to change the status, the options to update the Relationships collection doesn’t appear. Do you know what could be happening?

@Victor I solved this problem by calling another screen, creating a list with the “relationships” table, in this way the options to update and delete were enabled.

Now another problem has arisen. I have two actions. “Delete” and “Back” to screen. The “Delete” action is performed, but the “Back” action does not take place.
And it’s only happening for “Delete”.
I have another have with “Create” and “Back”, which is working.

Do you know why it might be happening?

Hi @Diogo,

It is quite difficult to diagnose what happens without seeing the app itself (at least video/screenshots). Try to make the video with what’s happening and the settings, so that me or someone else could have a look.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor !
Sure. Sorry!
Follow the screens:

  1. → On the first screen the user can choose which pet he wants to navigate with.
  2. → By choosing the profile it changes automatically.
  3. → Then he can get other Pets to interact with.
  4. → A list of registered Pets appears and he can choose a Pet to interact with.
  5. → When visiting the Pet’s profile the Follow (“Seguir” in Portuguese) button appears.
  6. → If you click on the follow button, a modal screen appears asking you to confirm whether you really want to follow (Yes or No).
  7. → When you click Yes, the follow button disappears. The Requested and Cancel Request buttons appear. Only Cancel Request has an action.
  8. → When clicking Cancel request, a modal screen appears asking for confirmation. If you click No, the back action takes place. So far so good.
  9. → The back action is performed and the profile screen returns normally.
  10. → But when I click Yes, ie cancel the request, two actions should take place. The first one, to delete the record in the bank, (ok, it happens), but the next action to go back doesn’t happen.
  11. ->So the friend request request has been cancelled, the Follow Back button appears, but the screen is locked, it doesn’t come back. On this screen I have a custom list, with two Yes and No buttons. And two actions for the Yes (delete the record and go back to the previous screen). But the action of going back doesn’t happen.

Can you identify where you might be having a problem?

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Hi @Diogo,

What I think is that the button “Yes” is visible based on some condition on the record you delete at step 10. This can explain the case: when you delete the record in the bank, button disappears, and no further actions are executed.

Sorry for late answer, I was quite busy last days.

Best regards, Victor.