User data encryption

My users save various photographs of their things and a text description of these things in the application. All these data should be available only to their owner. This data is confidential.
But as an application developer, I can see all the photos saved by users and all the text that they wrote in the application. This is not good.
Is it possible to hide user data from the application developer? I don’t want to be able to view photos and some other user information.
For example, in a database in the User collection, I cannot see the user’s password. It is hidden.
Maybe there are some components that can do this with other user data? Maybe some kind of encryption?

I cannot find any information on this. Help me, please.

Server is down at the moment, but this is what you want.

For images you will need to not use the image uploader component, but something else. Base64 images that are encrypted would be ideal. For text you can use this.

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Thank you, I will study this material.

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