Using a symbol in a collection name doesn't work in make

Hey guys,
I use make and PDF generator API to make a pdf with QR-codes in my app.

The idea is that once a business has finished registering their details they trigger a PDF generation using a webhook. This webhook sends the business name as well as the details for the QR-codes to PDFgeneratorAPI and then make creates a new collection in my database and links it to the business by using the business name as the collection ID.

See image:

Now this usually works fine… however, if a business uses a business name (and therefore a collection name) with a symbol or number eg(“CrazyBusiness!”) then the adalo function does not have a collectionID registered.

If i just do a name like “My New Business” it will work perfectly fine as I want it to.

Any ideas on how to make symbols and numbers work in this flow?

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