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I’m struggling to make my visibility work as intended.

Video Here:

I’m trying to create a bottom anchored utility, that has 3 states. Only 1 state would be visible at a time. I’ve done this with a top anchored menu before, and it worked, but I think the bottom is not working because of how visibility “cuts” the page.

I can’t just put the components on top of one another, because the hidden components seem to destroy the visible ones.

Currently, I am using a container, containing 3 other containers stacked on top of each other. The original container is anchored to the bottom. I’ve tried not anchoring the other 3, as well as anchoring to the bottom as well. Neither seem to work.

Hi Jason,

Made a quick video. All I did was “snap” the elements to the bottom of the page, on top of one another.

Hey Colin!

So I actually did manage to get it working, and it looks like the working version is what you copied :slight_smile:

In the non working version there were 3 separate “cards”. Placing those on top of each other was destructive when 2 were hidden. So I made 2 cards, and the second card has 2 cards inside showing different timers.

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