Web notifications and new additional naviation


Can anyone provide clarity on how the new web notifications and the additional navigation functionality operate? I’ve noticed an icon for notifications and have set up the notification triggers, but I’m not sure how these notifications will be displayed under this icon.

I’m aiming for a user experience where notifications are directly visible and, upon clicking a notification, the user is taken to the relevant screen, rather than redirecting them to a separate notifications page first.

Thank you for your assistance.


We need to consider two things

  1. Web notifications. Follow the adalo help documentation and they will pop up on your Mac / pc or device in the respective notification center or browser notification area.

  2. In app notifications list. This is a separate functionality that must be built. When you send a push notification you also create a record in a collection of notifications. Then show that list on the notification icon in your app. Linking to the detail screen gets more complicated, you will need multiple links with conditions depending on the type of content. You also need a way to dismiss or mark as read, either by recording the user or by use of timestamps.

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If you don’t want a notification screen but just the last notification then your icon must be a list, showing the most recent notification only.

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Thank you, much appreciated, i ll test it.

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