What happened to the Adalo editor?

Many fields start to autocomplete or change the text as they like.
For example, I entered the property “20” and it changes it to “Twenty”
Or another option - I wrote a trigger notification in Russian, and it automatically translates it into English. ADALO - WHY?

If there is any technical work today, ADALO, please - let us know so! That we do not search mistakes where there are none. I just won’t use the editor that day, I understand everything. But why such pain? I have been looking for my mistake for half a day - but it is not there and was not, just some glitches … Please report on the forum: “Guys - scheduled work will be carried out today, we recommend that you refrain from using the editor” (for example)

Here title and body must be in Russian but it’s in English, always even if I correct


Whether it is somehow connected or not, my preview in Adalo now works completely incorrectly. I am unable to create the new build that I was planning for the App store. I am sure that I have not made such radical changes that the database is broken. Please tell us when the technical work will end so that I can continue?

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I discovered - indeed, the logic has changed in Adalo. Simply put: if you used to move from left to right, and now something does not work for you in your application, try going from right to left. It only helped me, but I broke my brain, solving this mystery. I love Adalo, but it’s pain when you don’t understand what the problem is and you don’t have the slightest idea how to solve it. Thanks Adalo, we went too far and will be with you until the end :grin:

For a better understanding, I’ll tell you. I have users and runs. So, before, after creating a new run, the user parameters were updated through the run and everything worked fine.
But now I have problems. And I found that updating a user can now ONLY be done through a user. This parameter is in principle connected between users and runs and is displayed correctly in the database and there were no problems before.
But now something has changed and I am sure that many people will have a similar problem.
Look carefully for the solution in the update options. If something doesn’t work, try doing the same on the other side. I am very glad that I did it. I hope this helps you too…
Adalo is so Adalo :slight_smile:

p.s. and yet, Adalo - please turn off the autocomplete of fields in the editor - it’s awful!

Another one mistake - the “sometimes visible” parameter began to be configured incorrectly.
This happens when I try to use “Does not contain (Empty)”.
Adalo, please pay attention to this!

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