What is better way to add more capacity on DB?

What is better way to add more capacity on DB when the data capacity of the business plan is full already?

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Hi, how do you know that the db is full?

Loading gets really slow.

It may be caused by different things, server location, visibility conditions, hardware etc not only memory of the db
I tell you because I would like to understand how much memory I have left too

Thank you for trying to help me.
The things is I would be afraid of my app’s getting slow down when I achieve PMF.

I would like to get prepared for it in advance.
How do you think of it?


Your app being slow probably isn’t because the database is full- it’s possibly because it’s big. Adding capacity won’t make it any faster. Unfortunately, Adalo doesn’t offer any ways to scale server power so you’re left with the only option to make your app more efficient by using image size optimisation, reducing nesting etc.

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“big” means a lot of tractions, right?
Like, the more I add components, screens, etc, the slower it will get?

Well yes and no. More screens and components won’t make any real difference. But more actions on the screens will slow the app down both because the phone needs to do more work but mainly because it needs to send data to or read data from the database server that Adalo uses in the US.

Put simply, what slows the app down is if you show lots of images in a list, or you use lots of nesting. eg “Show a list of all the colours, of all the clothes of all the users”.

That said I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t worry about it too much. If you get lots of users using your app it will be a nice problem to have and you will be able to find a way to fix the problem- even if that means rebuilding the app in a more powerful way. Right now, worry about how to get 100 users, not what to do when you get 100,000.

If you have problems already, try using the techniques around reducing image size that are talked about in the forum.

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I really appreciate you doing this. Thank you! Yeah you are all right, I gotta think about how to get 100users. Thank you!