What is happening with Adalo?

I am a big fan of Adalo (although I been frustrated in the past and I find myself in the same position once again), and recently with the amazing updates like geolocation among others I was feeling really optimistic like the platform was really becoming sustainable. But I returned from vacation checked the forum and saw the new pricing updates (and keep in mind I pay for a pro plan and business plan) and these are outrageous and I think 99% of the comity agrees. I understand where they are coming from, but Adalo is meant for non-profits like some of my (unfinished) projects, small businesses, startups, and to make whole communities have an opportunity to make something really amazing without learning to code, they even say it themselves “Helping the other 99.3 of people who can’t code”. And Adalo opened the question to their users asking for feedback and almost all say that this is not the change we want. I still have hope they can still listen. Because if not I think a lot of us will have to change platform even if we don’t want to. But what I really wanted to see if others feel this is true or how they feel?

P.S. Please call me out if I am generalist incorrect for the community. And lets keep this discourse civil I truly don’t mean to hate on anyone this is just my opinion and it might be wrong or flawed.


I’m in shock all day… This is a very big mistake of theirs. On the most expensive plan, only 10 applications can be published, and then what? Paying $250/month again?

Many of my applications are made as tests for free and there is no income…

What can I do … I will look for an alternative and say goodbye to Adalo.

It is not yet clear what will happen to those who have a subscription.


@Cristobal Yes, I think myself and the majority share the same opinion.
Welcome back from vacation - some serious post holiday blues setting in about now!

Hi @artrefresh!

On all of our plans you are able to create unlimited test apps — so you shouldn’t be locked into the highest tier for the apps you’re making for fun and testing out different features.

In terms of our Business Plan, the 10 apps means 10 published apps and more can be read about published apps here.

We have also introduced “Add-Ons” which means that instead of having to purchase an additional subscription to get access to more published apps, you can simply add-on an additional app. You can read more about all the add-ons here.

I hope this clears up some confusion!

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Does your app have any sort of monetization feature?

I’m not thrilled about the new pricing structure just as everyone else, but if your app has the need for 100k+ actions every month, you should be able to sustain $200 a month.

I’m sure everyone here (including Adalo) is here to make money, not give it away.

When considering the pricing I wish Adalo would have used a similar pay scale as app ads. say $2 per 1000 view / app actions. Now your in a space where you could potentially make enough from add revenue to pay for your app, then anything above that is profilt.

I do hope they revert to a previous version of their pricing. They asked for feedback, yet even though all say to change the plan it seems they are making little to no effort in changing it and are sticking to the proposal that is almost universally seen as flawed I truly think this undermines many of the great efforts they made before.

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Yes! This is exactly what I mean, it kills businesses and small projects that used Adalo because it was easier and cheaper at this point even some developers are cheaper and more reliable.


Thanks for the welcome back, I truly hope they hear us.

The projects I am working on are more like passion projects that don’t generate income directly and that is why I chose Adalo so I could build them faster and cheaper (since in most cases I don’t even break even) that was one of the only ways this projects would see the light of day. But the new pricing made forces you find ways of funding (that make the user experience worse) or straight killing projects all together so that don’t just burn huge amounts of money. But I do understand what you mean and I believe for revenue or for profit businesses it makes sense but for passion projects and non-profits it corners them and adds unwanted extra work that can kill the project or create mental burden. But I really appreciate your input it really made me think.

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Of course, but you have to think of it from Adalos point of view as well.

While I’m sure they love that they can help so many passion projects get off the ground, they are in business to make money. They cannot fund our passion projects, we have to bring value to them just as they bring value to us.

That being said, I hope they can work to make their pricing a bit more manageable for most of us, but I think that is what this 1 year grace period is for.


I do see Adalo’s points, but we are paying them money, they are not funding projects with the current pricing, in fact we are funding them ourselves. What I am saying is that a middle ground where Adalo can make money and small projects can operate is needed this just seems like a backstab for loyal users, plus it seems Adalo is more focused on profits than customer satisfaction and feedback. I don’t know hat Adalo’s economics are but I am almost sure that there is a middle ground that could satisfy all parties. But I do agree that the 1 year grace period was a good choice.

P.S. In this case we are the customers so they have to bring value to us and the value we provide is our money that is plan fundamentally undermines. But with this plan we provide more value to them that them to us by in my opinion a long shot and creates an unequal balance

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I am a teen entrepreneur that is relying on Adalo to power my platform, these platform fees are insane. And at the highest tier only 10 apps is extremely insane. I testflight all my apps due to the fact that the progressive web app tends to be weird on all devices so testflight allows me to see changes as they will be when published. P.S. Adalo, I can’t afford to pay $250 a month to power my apps!! Next charging for version history is just plain stupid, we might need to roll back features on all platforms if something isn’t working right and charging an even higher plan to access that is awful. If you don’t revert back I unfortunately am going to have to find a different service due to the fact that I would be losing money hosting the app. Adalo, you are screwing yourselfs by screwing us customers. I can’t afford this, and we’re not gaining anything we didn’t have for cheaper before. Please bring back the old pricing.


Yes! I do understand they have to make money but screwing us over this bad is not the way, there is going to be a mass exit of paying users if the pricing is not changed. Hope you can continue to work on your platform.

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It is a side (passion) project, so originally I did not plan to charge my users. When I created the app, I had in mind to pay 50$/month (ie the pricing), and suddenly it changed to 250$/month (given the number of actions)… So there is no limit, maybe in 2 years it will x5 again, 1000$/month lol. What happened shows this is possible.
I work in the tech industry and I never saw a US company before make a x4-5 on their pricing so suddenly, they have been too greedy in my opinion.

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Yes exactly and I don’t really believe that this is to keep their costs “sustainable”, this seems more like they want to aim for bigger profits.

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I had a very informative call with David Adkin earlier. I was impressed with his engagement and the attention he paid to the points I made. I would encourage anybody to have a call with him, get your case across and make some suggestions.

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Interesting, how did you get in contact with him?

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Thank you!

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