Working in Database - Unbelievably slow

I know the UI is supposed to be super cool looking and such but I think this probably contributes to the ridiculously slow interactivity of the database. It’s so slow that I have to scroll for 5 minutes just to get to the bottom of a 300 row table. This is not good for working with lots of data. I also keep getting errors when I try to import a large amount of data via CSV file. Only a small portion of the file will import, fail, then I have to figure out where the file failed, delete those rows in my CSV, then rinse and repeat like 5 times.

The UI for working with the database does not have to be sexy. The rows need to be smaller and tighter and just work very quickly. The data needs to be easy to manipulate and view.

Appreciate the feedback and it will be taken in to account.

We recently published an article on our blog regarding performance, you may be interested in reading it to understand where we are now and what we are planning on doing.

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As now Adalo APIs are available for the collections, I wonder, if anyone has already built some DB Management interface to work with data from Adalo apps… something like phpmyadmin but for Adalo :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

@Colin Thanks for this. I am looking forward to the projects listed in the article that are being worked on.

To @Victor’s point, being able to SSH into the db through a db management interface like phpmyadmin or Sequel Pro (what I prefer) would be huge for working with large amounts of data. The rows are small and tight and there’s no fluff to it which is what you need when working with data on the backend. Here’s an example of what I’m describing:

I have an app running on a server and I need to consult the mysql database. Does Adalo have this feature? If so, only paid?
Thank you if you can help me with this guidance because, seeing others here on the forum, I ended up discouraged to continue my project with ADALO

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