:wave: Welcome to the Adalo Community!

We believe a happy & thriving community is the foundation for a happy & thriving product. We are focusing our energy on creating a community where we have fun, informative, and educational conversations that lead to the growth of our makers & the forward momentum of our product. We truly want to help empower makers to bring their ideas to life & we want this community to be the best place to learn from and teach each other in real-time!

This community was created to share knowledge between fellow makers on how to utilize the Adalo tool, learn tips & tricks for creating your app, and come together to create solutions with Adalo. If you have an interest in learning about the Adalo tool & passing along any learnings you may have —this community is the place for you.

This community is for the people & by the people; it is not a place to learn Adalo from the Adalo staff (we have lots of other places where we’re teaching — the Adalo App Academy & our Help Documentation!), report bugs, or air grievances about the product or team. While the Adalo team will ask for feedback & make announcements in this community, there are other channels, like our ticket process, which has been streamlined to address things like bugs more appropriately.

To create any great community, we need to establish some guidelines of expected behavior & hold each other accountable to following the guidelines. This community can only be as positive, helpful, encouraging, and constructive as the people who engage with it — that’s you! Thank you for being here & doing your part to make this community a warm, welcoming, and educational place for everyone.

:computer: Guidelines

  • We encourage posts that improve the discussion. You set the tone of the experience, and as such, we expect that you’ll be mindful when posting. If you find that you are frustrated, we ask that you positively reframe the question or statement without accusations or generalizations.
  • The conversations we have here set the tone for everyone. Help us influence the future of this community by choosing to engage in discussions that make this an interesting place to be – and avoiding those conversations that do not. If your comment is not for the betterment of the poster or community, please refrain.
  • This community benefits when more people are involved — from expert to amateur, from simple to technical & everything in between. As such, discrimination, harassment, or belittlement will not be tolerated at all.
  • If you notice something, say something. We’re hopeful that with your help, our community will be safe for everyone.
  • Be reasonable, be constructive, and give respect to others.
  • If we can spend more time considering where to put our comments, questions, and concerns, we’ll spend more time responding & ensuring vibrant conversation and less time cleaning up! Read the general rules of the forum to find out how we plan to keep things organized.

:scroll: General Rules for Posting & Engaging

:dart: Stay on topic.

Try to keep all topics and posts relevant to Adalo and relevant to the topic being discussed. The forum is not the place to talk about religions, politics, or other personal and controversial topics.

:stopwatch: Spend time browsing topics.

It’s very possible someone else already has the same question or comment & has been successful in finding a solution. Additionally, you might find people that are working on similar projects that will be of great help as you continue on your journey!

:white_check_mark: Post in the right category.

The more time the community can spend answering queries instead of organizing — the more answers & solutions we can find together! Below are some of the categories you can post in:

:no_entry: Do not cross-post.

The more we can minimize cross-posting the less clutter & the more likely the community will be able to come to a solution. Everyone wins if you only post once about a specific topic (after you first browse topics, of course!). If you find a topic that has been closed, link the original post in your new post :slightly_smiling_face:

:memo: Please use English.

Our community is global, which means there are hundreds of languages represented. We have found that most of our makers can read and write in English. By using English, we can guarantee more people can receive help, and our community can be more inclusive.

:new: Start a new topic if it’s a new topic.

If you find that a thread breaks off into a radically new direction — start a new topic so other users can find what you’re talking about.

:technologist: Adalo Employees.

Adalo employees are in the forum & are encouraged to post. They are not the first line of responses you should expect to receive to your query. If you want to speak directly to the Adalo staff, please submit a ticket rather than @tagging them or DM’ing them. Abuse of tagging or DMing employees will get you removed from the forum.

:sparkles: Feature Requests.

If you would like a feature Adalo does not currently have, please post it to ideas.adalo.com instead of creating a thread in this community.

:bug: Found a Bug?

Bugs happen — but they’re difficult to find when mixed with community posts. If you find a bug that is not the result of a setup issue, instead of creating a thread, please report it by submitting a support ticket.

:warning: Worried about a Service Interruption?

Even the largest tech companies in the world can be impacted by a service interruption. If you suspect an outage has occurred, please check our status page and then proceed to submitting a support ticket.

:person_gesturing_ok: Moderators

Our moderators are identified by the “Adalo Community Leader” badge next to their name. We actively seek these moderators from within our community to join us in helping to moderate the forum based on their outstanding contributions to the forum.

These members are provided with extra forum privileges such as the ability to mark posts as solutions, remove content or temporarily suspend accounts in extreme cases.

We also provide moderators with other perks such as free Adalo Pro membership, an exclusive slack channel in the Adalo team’s Slack so they may update us on issues & streamline communication if necessary, and of course, receive swag!

:blue_heart: Taking Care of Our Community

Communities are made up of different people with varying ideas, thoughts, mindsets, and lifestyles — conflict is, therefore, inevitable and is not necessarily bad. We believe there is a lot to learn in conflict. However, sometimes certain comments and behaviors can cross a line & it’s important to us that we consistently & fairly handle these situations as they arise.

Our Community Leaders & Adalo employees will operate on a three-strike policy.

  1. First Strike
    1. The offending party will receive a private message from a Community Leader or a member of the Adalo staff explaining the comment in question & the guideline that has been crossed.
  2. Second Strike
    1. The offending party will receive a written warning & depending on the severity of the interaction, to have their comment removed and their account “silenced” for some time.
  3. Third Strike
    1. The offending party will have their account suspended from the forum.

Our Community Leaders & Adalo employees have the right to escalate through the three-strike policy if the offense is severe. We want this community to be a place where you come & enjoy engaging with one another, and that space can only be created when we all do our best to follow the established guidelines.

:no_entry_sign: Actions that will Result in a Strike

  • Spamming — this includes excessive self-promotion & re-posting the same message within several threads.
  • Promoting & recruiting for competitor products.
  • Hate speech or discrimination for any reason to any member.
  • Personal attacks on other members of the community or the Adalo staff.
  • Persistent negativity about Adalo, team members, product, or experience.
  • Ignoring requests from Community Leaders or the Adalo team.
  • NSFW or other explicit or illegal content as determined by the Adalo team.
  • Excessive tagging or DMing of Adalo employees