3D secure on Stripe

Hi @zachbharris,

Does adalo supports 3D secure gateway on stripe?


Hi @Anilspr888 we do not currently support 3D secure gateway, but it is something we are looking to add soon.

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Thank you @zachbharris for your response.

In which quarter can we expect this?

Thanks in advance

At the moment we don’t have an estimate as we have a fairly large log of items to go through. You can view our public roadmap at https://ideas.adalo.com

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Hello, any news about these feature?

Banks in Europe are beginning to reject charges that are not adapted to this system. The deadline is December, 2020.

The only form of payment in Adalo is Stripe.

I’m very concerned about the launch of my app. If the charges are rejected, then it will be a disaster.

Wow, that’s interesting news. Strong Customer Authentication for EEA is required as of 14/09/2020, but postponed till 31/12/2020.
Some links for the reference:

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Hi all,

Adalo Team is aware of the deadline, here is update from @ashley: “The team is working to ensure that our Stripe component is compliant with the new regulations.”



Hi @Victor

Reading this reassures me! :drooling_face:

Thanks for updating the theme!!


Will this be available before the end deadline right?


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is there an update on this. Is stripe payment working in europe?