A Game in Adalo?

_Hello everyone, how are you? Well, I’m Hawk here at Adalo, and I live in Brazil … I’m new to Adalo, so I would like to know if anyone has already managed to create a game with elements from Adalo’s store or Adalo components. Because my team and I (Horiongg) We already have an idea into practice. We will be using the component ** Arbitrary JavaScript and "Signature Phone Retired ". In this case, SPR would be a kind of 2D canvas, and the Abitrary JS would be a way for us “programmos”, there will also be several things from Adalo components, we will use Abrary JS more for the considered “impossible” in Adalo, as :

  • Real -time rendering of the player

  • Keyboard command

  • Collisions and etc.

If someone also has an idea of what I may be recreating, or if you have a team that is trying to create games at Adalo, join this topic in the comments.

SPR is an abbreviation for “Signature Phone Retired”

I’m curious to see what you build. Sounds like a cool idea but rather complicated. Very interesting.

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Hello! First of all, I’m sorry if I say something wrong, because I’m still learning English. And I’m very happy that you liked the idea, in our team, we’re going to try to do something a little simple and improve it over time.

Thanks for your reply!