Accessing Database Collections in custom action (chatGPT)

I want to access Database Collection Content in a custom action. I created 3 collections with the help of an API. Now I want to access some data points out of these collections in a custom action as an input.
Usecases are the ChatGPT Prompt. I have user data that i would like to pull into the prompt to give specific and automated answers. (the only thing i can access of these databases seems to be the “count” function
Any suggestions?

It needs to come from a list or detail view.

Read up about Available data
You may struggle getting it from 3 tables unless relationships exist.

hey mate! so i read up on it but that seems to only be available in lists. I cant find it to access this information on a button? do you have an example or link i can check out? Thanks in advance

That’s the key.

You CAN reference sum, counts, average, min / max of your collections anywhere.
You can access Logged in User fields anywhere
You cannot reference any field from any collection without a list starting the whole thing.

The list often then links to a detail screen of that record. From either the list or the detail screen you can reference the fields of that record.

i.e. Collection of Cars.
I can’t reference the Ford Mustang, title, BHP, image… unless it has come from a list.

When I say button - it could be an action on that list or any component of that list, or in the detail screen (accessed from the list).

If it doesn’t show up in ‘Available Data’, then you can’t reference it and need to sort out your data flow (which always starts with a list).

So to reference 3 screens you need 3 lists, all with a relationship.

Depending on the intricacies, I would push you to do this in Xano, much more control.

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thank you Rozza, this was super helpful! :smiley: