Action not completed

Please can someone tell me why a flow i made properly suddenly stopped executing the action after it initially did?

More info needed. Can you show the actions you are running.

Most likely a custom action issue or collection permissions or missing data.

here’s a loom for it Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Works fine for me. Try it with a new user signup.
If it persists then see what is going on in the inspector view of your browser.

Hard for me to go any further without poking around in the app editor itself.

how did you get the app? from playstore?

The QR code in your loom video :eyes:
Nice looking app :+1:

thanks man

can that be a issue i mean the inspector view?

No it won’t be the issue itself but it can be that the response gives more info other than “action can’t be completed”. You’ll also be able to determine which action it is causing the error.

okay so how do i check for this exactly

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oh nice thanks

it works now, not sure what i did but i did recreating the login button did it

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Hello, sometimes if happens if you’re not logged in or if the toggle wasn’t configured correctly.

Thank you!

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