Adalo data, where? Which country?

Hi, in which country are collected the adalo data? I need to know if my country accepts it.
Do you know if it is accepted by the CNIL?
Thanks everyone !


Adalo’s data is basically stored in the US.

Adalo offers you the possibility to connect your app to any 3rd party database in which you feel better or your country accepts.

Thank you, and sorry for my lack of experience, but how can I do that?
I saw “bonjour”, so if you speak french, it’s a little better for me haha. If not, english is very good too !

Pour ce faire, vous devez avoir un peu d’expérience en codage et en gestion de bases de données, c’est pourquoi Adalo a la sienne, c’est plus simple et plus facile à utiliser.

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