Adalo editor shrinks text every once in awhile *pic*

This scares me every time with my app when it happens. Does anyone know how to prevent this or anything?

It does this without notice, but a refresh fixes it for a little bit then it happens again.

It’s doing it every single few mins now btw. Weirdest bug ever.


It does the complete opposite for me!! All my text with be one huge in editor. But once I click it it will adjust.

In my case, I click maximize window and it came back to normal, when it happens again, click normal window, keep toggling whenever it happens.


Sounds like this is an adalo issue if others are experiencing similar effects.

The challenge in no code is to have huge tolerance and ready to use workarounds whenever faced with almost solved issues.

0-70% is achieved instantly, but to finish the completion can make twice or triple efforts. This is where most people fall short, unless they persist or get help.


I’m onboard with that. We should report any issues though to help make no code better :stuck_out_tongue:

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This happened to me also. But when you refresh the Editor then ok

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