Editor text issue with me only?


Is there any problem within the editor with everyone because every time I log in all text are start showing like this -


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It happened to me 2 days ago, but then it resolved on its own. I was panicking, then suddenly after a day or so , I logged in and it was gone, I hope it resolves for you too and that its not a bigger problem. If it is, then I’m guessing we’ll see a few more people posting in the forum

Thanks for letting me know, I’m facing this problem from 1 week :disappointed:

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1 week is quite a long time!!! :grimacing: :see_no_evil:

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Could you let me know the app id and screen name of this so I can look into it?

It’s happening with every app which I have. You can check all but it’s not happening regularly.

This happens all the time but does not look like this when you publish the app. If you select it and move it by pressing one of the direction keys (just press up once and down once to move it back) and it goes back to normal.

I checked a few of your apps and this does not show up on any of them for me.

My guess is that this may be caused by a browser extension or something of that nature. If you try the Adalo builder in an incognito window without any extensions running, do yous till experience this issue?

I’ll try & let you know. Thanks for your help

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