Adalo Native App - Screen, Tab, Menu etc alignment in different phones

Hello all

I’m a new user and so far I love Adalo.

But I want to know about native apps. I have seen many native in Showcase which I downloaded to my phone. But so many of them have alignment issues with my phone screen. Bottom tab is elevated away from bottom edge of screen, left menu screen is half-cut, and even list items on the screen are not properly aligned. Maybe there are more issues, but I have only checked what is listed on showcase category forum.

In Samsung S10 its not proper. In iPhone X it’s working fine.

Does anyone know if there is a rendering issue with certain form-factor phones? What is Adalo team plan for the same? What are the best design practices in Adalo to build perfectly responsive apps?

Many thanks if someone can help.

Hi @theophilus at the moment there are limitations with the responsiveness of Adalo apps. It is something we hope to be able to fix in the future. There is a feature request related to this that you may add your vote to so that you will be informed when this is updated:

I found centering all items against the app screen helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Colin!

I understand these things will be on the roadmap and I’m ok to be patient. Adalo capabilities right now are also very good.

So I wanted some link to guide on current best practices for design/UI to avoid or find workaround for these issues. From experienced Adalo developers. Please share any link if possible. Thanks.

Only new here but learning very quickly. Let me know if you need a hand

@theophilus There currently isn’t a specific guide on this but I hope to be able to create one in the near future to provide the tips and tricks I have learnt over the last 4 months of every day use of Adalo.

Sure. Thanks Colin. Would be great help.

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