Adalo Services Outage - ALL

Hey everyone!

We are currently experiencing an outage of Adalo Services due to a Heroku service outage.

You can follow along with our updates here, or the Heroku status page here. They are currently not reporting an outage, but can be slow to update their page at times.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and are doing everything in our power to get back up and running, but ultimately we are reliant on Heroku here getting the issue resolved.


I have no idea how any of this works when Heroku goes down, but what do other companies do to mitigate these issues? Do they have backup options? Is that even possible?

Also -
Does Heroku financially credit Adalo for these outages? If so, Adalo should trickle this down to us users as it’s easy to argue that it affects us, more than Adalo.


Hey Thomas,

I will have to get back to you on that. I am not sure what other companies do to mitigate these types of possibilities, if possible, but I can definitely get info for you.

As for compensation, I don’t believe they do, and if they do, it’s likely not much $$. This is something else I can ask about and get you an answer on as well.


As someone who has decades of experience working with IT infrastructure and cloud partners, I know what it’s like to be caught in the middle in the way Adalo is here. That said, I also know what it’s like to have to make the difficult decision to move off of an unreliable platform for the sake of our customers.

My understanding is that Adalo committed to migrating their resources off of Heroku to AWS, starting back in October of 2020. I know better than most what a heavy lift that can be. I also know that incidents like this shine a light on the importance of showing progress on those commitments… particularly when the urgent need for those efforts to bear fruit become as plainly obvious as they have become.

What can Adalo share regarding when these infrastructure upgrades can be completed? As many have hinted at, the reliability of Adalo’s infrastructure quite literally means the difference between a platform that is leveraged for a few months to refine an MVP and a platform that can be leveraged indefinitely as a viable production-ready foundation for top-tier applications.

You guys have built an AMAZING product, and I REALLY want to see you succeed! This fundamental platform limitation seems to be holding you back, so I hope (for all our sakes) that we can get past it together. I look forward to any insight your team can provide.


Too many problems with the same thing.

As a user I don’t want to put pressure on the Adalo team either. As is always said in this community (and I’ve only been here a short time, but I’m very clear about it), what Adalo offers as a tool is the best there is. Adalo’s team is on the right track, there’s no doubt about that, but to improve what you have, I also think you have to make decisions… and I understand none of them are easy.

I think there are already too many threads, criticisms and complaints about this topic, which affects all users, for Adalo to take PERFORMANCE AND STABILITY AS PRIORITY NUMBER 1.

I am sure that the team has been working for a long time with this importance to performance, but today we are like this… And it should be noted that blaming used third-party tools is not a valid argument. There are many developers here whose clients blame them and complain to them, not to Adalo…

It’s great that they implement new tools and fix bugs, but I can’t find new performance updates, the last ones that appear in performance updates, are from October 2021.

The most used phrase in this forum is “hopefully the Adalo team will solve it as soon as possible”.

What I hope, after my short experience here, is that it won’t be much more time of “having to be patient until things are resolved” and that it will finally be a stable tool.

With the tools that it already has, it is in my opinion the best, with the exception of performance.

I think the message is clear. I apologize for the length of the text, but I had to say it.


Update: Most services are back up and functioning normally. Heroku is also reporting that the incident has been resolved, so we believe we are in the clear here related to this.

If you are seeing any continued issues, please submit a support ticket to our team to further investigate that as a standalone issue!

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@ben1 - Thank you for the update. I am not seeing issues at this time, but can you or another member of the team please offer feedback on the two comments above this status update?


Hi @Ditabo,

I have escalated this internally and someone from the team will be responding here as soon as we can!

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Thank you sir. Much appreciated

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Hey everybody!

Thank you for your patience yesterday during the outage. We know this is a serious issue that affects so many of you, and it’s one we will be addressing.

We don’t have a set date that this will be solved, but the biggest step we have taken in this regard is hiring a VP of Engineering who will be tackling this challenge head on. He is currently building a new strategy around performance, architecture, etc. What comes of this will address the “mitigation” and “backup options” that were mentioned by @anon28807528.

Unfortunately, there is no compensation given from Heroku. If they were to compensate, I’m not sure how that would be feasible logistically or financially. It’s a risk you take when utilizing a service like theirs. The same thing could happen to AWS, or other similar services.

I’m very hopeful in the leadership of our VP of Engineering and believe the future of performance and stability on Adalo is bright. Thank you for being an amazing community. Your feedback is valued and received by our leadership team.


Appreciate all of this @jessehaywood! I think it’s safe to say that the majority of Adalo users like myself are not fully aware of the intricacies of backend engineering so transparency around all of this helps. I simply wanted to poke with these questions for awareness over complaining.

Adalo has been overall very stable for us at ProU Sports (over 5k users) and we’re super thankful for the engineering team to continue making it better.



Thanks all. Would love to get some transparency into what types of performance updates are in the queue. Would be even more awesome if there was an Adalo Performance Report that had some baseline app with simulated users hitting it and do realtime reporting on the performance. I’m assuming, given a set of shared services that support the Adalo apps out there that this will be a good indicator of the current overall performance level.


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