Heroku to AWS, when?

I remember last year in a performance update, the team said that the internal database will be migrated from Heroku to AWS. Even though I’ve seen some mentions of a global CDN being implemented, I don’t think Adalo has done that migration yet. And it shows, because the internal app that I use, is JANKY as hell. 2-3 times a day, I get the “App not found” error, the app is slow, and records get updated 3-4 seconds later after doing something.


Hi AddyEdwin,

I got this message from one of Adalo’s software engineers.

We really want to move to AWS, but it’s going to require a LOT of dev work on our end to get it working. (was literally just asking the question to our senior DevOps engineer) – May 27

Honestly, seems like it’s needed and would’ve been worth it. This probably seals the deal for me on my decision to look for alternatives with better performance :frowning:


Yes - Region-Based Sharding is the need of the hour. If we cannot retrieve the data and display the data to users on time, what’s the point in adding new features?

I am not sure whether @adalo is really serious about this.


Would really appreciate updates from the devs. It’s maddening that this hasn’t been talked about since Oct 2020: An Update on Performance | Adalo Blog

Also what’s been said below seems to be directly in conflict with what’ been mentioned above (and it shows). Why is that? If it were already underway in Oct 2020, you really want me to believe that it’s still not done 6 months later?


@Colin @Ben Anyone help us with the above update w.r.t AWS/Region-based sharding?


Seconded, an official update and timeline for this would be greatly appreciated. I think it should be part of the upcoming activities in Adalo’s Performance page.

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say that we’ve requested a more official update on this internally, but I also wanted to provide some clarity as I think it will help provide some context and understanding for everyone.

Heroku is a service that is actually on AWS, but provides a ton of additional built in services to help you deploy, scale, and manage applications. The migration to AWS direct from Heroku is not a minimal task.

I also think it’s important to note that even without the work being completed yet to be on AWS directly, we are still working on plenty of additional performance related projects, and aren’t hindered by being on Heroku. So while I understand the appearance that without this being completed, all other work is in vein, that is absolutely not true.

As always we appreciate everyones feedback, and are working to communicate with you all as quickly and completely as we can!


Thanks for the update, @ben1. In my experience I’ve seen that Adalo runs very slowly in my region (South East Asia). Am I correct in assuming that this could be because we have to rely on US servers, and if so, is this something that will be addressed with moving to AWS, e.g. through region-sharding that Kaigal mentioned earlier?

As an example, my PWA site takes around 3-10 seconds to load initially, sometimes even longer, and times out sometimes. I’ve given Loom videos earlier in this forum that shows that it even took 10+ seconds for the initial loading to finish if I remember correctly.

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