Add users to be in a relationship

Hello everyone and thank you in advance!

I am creating an app for couples and I want a search by username and then add your partner to be in a relationship.

The heart on the right of the screenshot I want to have the 2 users linked but I cannot work out how to do it.

Could you please give me some advice?

Thank you

can user have multiple partners?

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I would like just one partner

Create a one on one relation between users, and when clicking on the heart, update both users with the other user, and create also a property in the database collection of the user called: has partner? And when the partner get updated make it to true.

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Thank you so much Jimmy!!! I will do this today

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Hi Jimmy, I tried but im confused, is there any way you could make a step by step plan for me or maybe I can give you my login and you can do it for me? Im happy to buy you a coffee :slight_smile:

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