Adding a javascript snippet

Hey there! I want to add a javascript snippet to my app to use a service called Weglot.
It typically goes in the html head tag.

How might we add stuff like this in our Adalo apps?

Here’s their example of their snippet:


Hi. Have you found the response?

Unfortunately, not yet.

Seeing as this thread got bumped, maybe this will help other people looking:

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Did someone try to add a Javascript snippet with the Arbitrary JS?

Sorry to hijack the thread. But I’m trying to install Arbitrary Javascript component. Can’t find it in marketplace and when I tried from this page: it looked to work the first time, but won’t show up in adalo. If I try again it says this:


If I regenerate my token, will my other installed components stop working? Or could I try doing that and then install again?

Hi @Meibe,

Did you see the component here? If it’s installed the first time and if you try to download again then you will see that error message.

If you see it click the three dots and add it your team.

Watch this video made by Steven :

Thank you

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Thank you! That was exactly what I was missing. <3

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How can I make this javascript formula?

Check this : Add Months in JS.mp4 - Google Drive

var date = new Date('date_input');
var date = date.setMonth(date.getMonth() + months_input);
var after_date = new Date(date);
var formatted = (after_date.getMonth()+1)+'-' + after_date.getDate() + '-'+after_date.getFullYear();
return formatted;

( In here replace the inputs with date_input text and months_input text! )

The Component Details

Instructions to download components from Pragmaflow website : PragmaFlow's Adalo Marketplace Reopened - YouTube

Pragmaflow website :

The component you need :


Thank you

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Hi @dilon_perera , very nice to hear from you.

Thank you infinitely, thank you.

Is there a way to release the clone link for me to study better?

Your welcome!

I’m unable to give the clone version of this app because this app includes some other things too! I will create another app including this thing and I will send it here!

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@dilon_perera thank you very much

@Rios check this : Add months to a date

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@dilon_perera gratitude and success

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