Adding ads to app

Is it possible with Adlai to add phone ads/ advertisements to make money from your app, if so if there is a website or app to post ads and make money?

There is one way I could think of how good are you with adalo?

I am okay in it only gave 3 months experience, but I have many admins with 3+ years experience

Hi Dev,

You can use the Google AdMob component. Normally we can earn money with Google Ad Mob but not sure if the same works when using them on the Adalo app (I think it should be same. Maybe someone can confirm that has experience using Google AdMob in he/she’s app) .

Thank you

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Hi everyone !

I have like 4 apps using Admob and that’s work very well. I earn like 7$ /1000 ads views

But it’s a little tricky and you need a little hour just for setting up all admob.

But with my latest app I added a in-app purchase that delete ads ( with visibility condition in all my admob component )

And for my biggest work for a friend, I litterally created an ‘Facebook-like’ ads system that let you promote your post. That’y very difficult at first but that’s work well.

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Thanks for the reply I was watching some YouTube videos but seen that I would need a iOS App ID and android App ID etc but I do not know where I can find that and how I can get that

or you could just make your user pay to advertise on your app you will make more than google ads

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Follow the Adalo help guide :

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