Ads centered on screen

Hi everyone, I created a list of news with a true/false property for showing ads or not.

On test my banner isn’t centered and its not beutiful to see ^^

Anyone has an idea ? Sorry for my english and please have a great day

Hello, once your ads are activated, they’ll be at the center.

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You have to center it on the screen. The ad is not centered.

There is more space on the right than on the left. See red boxes:

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As @Flawless said, you have to move the component and position it in the center of the screen.

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Thank you all ! You can see details that I can’t. It will be very useful if we have some grid system

No grid system in Adalo, yet.

However, Adalo does provide a line when you are dead-centre.

What I usually have for me is one screen that has nothing in it, and it’s separated from the rest of the screens. Whenever I need to position something dead-centre, I use that screen. Once the element is in position, just copy it and paste it into the corresponding screen. :wink: