Advanced charts integrations (Pie, Radar, Polar..)

I created a short tutorial on how to integrate more charts in Adalo.

Thanks @theadaloguy for the idea.


Thanks for the shout out. Great vid and channel! Keep up the good work.

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Excellent idea. Thank you.

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I’m glad you liked :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! Thank you!

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Extremely informative and shows for me that Adalo is more flexible than I expected.

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Awesome trick [Thank you! :slight_smile: ] - but do you know how to integrate a line chart here with severeal data points belonging to one user (e.g. weight measurement)?

To avoid missunderstandmens: I know there is a line chart feature in the market place. I need a more advanced chart style - that’s why i am asking :slight_smile:

Hey there! Thanks for commenting.
I did not find a way to send data in lists. I’m sure it’s possible, but never gave a try…
Will keep you posted if I find the way to do it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, the only way i am currently seeing is pretty full of “AdaloApp <-> My Server <-> PingPong” workarounds - and that is obviously pretty inefficient. :wink:

like “getting all user data via API to get the ELEMENT ID” from the specific user from my external server, returning the Element ID to Adalo, make a second request to my server, which is fetching all “weight data” matching the users Element ID and put them into a string (datas seperated with “,”) and than switch to the screen with the graph on it.

I also tried to make a “Bulk-URL” following your Trick: Bulk update records tutorial here. Like “Countdown timer ends → add current list value + last value” on that URL-data-set. but that also doesn’t work (it strangely excludes the first 2 and the last records)

I see the usage of external api that translates the adalo list, to a python list (something like [1,2,3])…

I’m sure it’s possible, just there is need of an external tool :slight_smile:

Exactly → but to flter for the weights to one specific user you need the Element-ID of that user (which you cant get directly from adalo and it has currently “low priority”) but the rest should work fine :slight_smile:
Well… i’ll give it another shot and maybe there will be a “clean” solution without playing ping pong. Will post it here, if i come up with sth :slight_smile:

Just came up with it: Every time a new user signs up, i fill a field “User_ID” and the value is “User → Count”+1, so i just create my own ID and also - adding a new weight - will therefore include that specific own ID - so I can send it to the server. Saves the pingPong :slight_smile:

can you do this also for line-chart?