Shopping Web app help

Hi, i’m making a simple shop app for my own Company. Is the First Time i use Adalo, and i’m now in trouble with database and relationship between components. I want each user can see only is own chart, not like now that shows everyone else chart in the same list. I tried to make a relation between users - chart to show only that user chart on his app.
Can anybody help me with the Logic? I’m noobie here


Also i got this loop bug when try to show only specific

user data

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hi Eugen a warm welcoming to the community on my behalf
I’m doing exams and just opened the forum in my study break time :smiley:
I will be glad to work with you in the future maybe so we can help each other
I’m no professional but you know one hand make no clap :clap:

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Can you post a bit more info on how you have set up the app, both from the database (collections) side as well as from the filters being used on the lists.