Allow user to select images or data from another page

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to select an image from a page to upload it to another page.
Example, user creates a post containing one or multiple images; instead of using the upload image component would it be possible to select an image from a database, that is stored on another page called let’s say “saved items” (i.e: saved image database)?

I hope it is clear enough, thanks in advance for your response.

Hi Kevin,

I’m a bit confused about the question, let me rephrase how this would ordinarily work. Let’s use a social media app for reference.

User creates a post using a form with an image picker.
Post is created and saved in the DB.
If you want the user to be able to use that image elsewhere, you can have an image list filtered to logged in user > posts. Then you’ll create the actions the user can do with that image.

They can’t just copy and paste it within the app. You’ll need to have a defined set of actions for them (update profile picture, reshare, etc.)

Hey Erik, thanks for your quick response.

The idea is the following, users will be able to create a post that includes

  1. A picture that they will upload with a form with an image picker
  2. Add the description and everything needed
  3. (That’s the part I’m looking for) i want them to get access to either the images they have saved or from a 3rd party application that is sharing images with my app, and then select from those lists of image to associate those image with the post

Does that make sense?

Thanks !

Yes it does. What I said above still stands.

When they’re creating the post, you can give them the option to load a new pic, select an old pic, or access one from the 3rd party. You just need a custom form to do it. Don’t use the prebuilt form.

Oh that’s awesome, I didn’t realize that we could do custom forms, I’ll try that and let you know, thanks Erik !!