Android Builds Problem


I can’t find any informations about the problem Android Builds except here.

Does anybody have more informations about what Adalo support have found and is doing right now?
I was suppose to publish right when the problem appears and now I’m stuck…


I’d like to see an update as well, as this has now spanned two business days.


I opened an issue in order to have some informations…
Still nothing in the report since the problem appeared…

All my builds are erroring out for the past 3 days with retrieve errors.

Hey @BasketNation, @Ditabo & @solomon,
For Android builds, we do have an ongoing investigation into the Apple SignIn component which seems to be the cause of a few Android build failures. Please do Submit A Support Ticket if you haven’t already, and we’ll keep you posted on the progress! Thank you @dilon_perera for bringing this post to our attention :slight_smile: [A]

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Thanks for your reply @Adalo_CXTeam. I’ve submitted a ticket, and while your team has been very friendly, we’ve had no meaningful updates for several days. What has been tried to rectify the problem? What are your next steps? Is this currently the top priority for your team? What is our ETA for a fix?

Thank you in advance for your insight.

Hi @Ditabo,

The team is actively working on the issue, and this is a slightly more complex issue with multiple dependencies and is therefore taking more time to get resolved. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have an ETA. You can read more about this on our Adalo | Status page.

At the moment, if it works for the business, removing the Apple Sign-in component would be helpful in solving this issue. But if that severely affects the UX of the makers, we really appreciate your patience as we continue to solve this.

We will provide updates there as soon as we know more!


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Thank you for the insight @Adalo_CXTeam. Unfortunately, you can’t remove the Apple sign-in component on any app that already has Google sign-in configured, as the Apple store will reject your app if you have one but not the other.

As such, having this component broken means there is really no workaround for app developers who have users logging in with either of these components on iOS.

I get that these things are complicated, and I’m sure Adalo is working hard to get this rectified. Hopefully this is the #1 priority over there right now.

This has been resolved and we have updated the Status Page. Please publish a new build and Submit a Ticket if the issue persists.

Thanks for your patience!


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