Android permission - Camera

I have run into the issue where my app is requesting permissions to the camera. Privacy is a significant topic in the world today, as it should be, and my app requesting permissions to the camera when it clearly doesn’t need it is far less than ideal, and I’m sure will turn people away, for good reason. I’m sure I’m not the only one dealing with this.

  1. Is removing this permission request currently in the app and I don’t see it or is this actually coming out soon? Hoping the official answer isn’t going to be “You can vote on it”.

  2. If there isn’t a supported way to remove the request, has anyone successfully edited the manifest file in the apk to remove the request? I got as far as:

  • extracted the apk using 7-zip
  • edited the file
  • rezipped it using 7-zip
  • used zipalign to fix the zip alignment
  • and then tried to upload the apk to a release annnnnnddd got an error. Going to try again but wanted to check here to see if anyone has successfully done this.

Thank you.

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