Anyone having issues with the Google Map component?

I’ve had the Google Map component installed and working for a few months, but just noticed that it’s stopped working, it shows a blank white screen.

Nothing’s changed, however I’ve checked the API key, which is all good. I’ve even recreated the screen, but it’s still showing a blank white screen…??


(if you know Ferris Bueller this’ll make sense :slight_smile:

Another thing is to check your billing settings. I had an issue with it stopping before due to an expiring credit card. If it’s not that, perhaps an issue with the component itself.

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Is there a blank address in the collection that it is using? Or an address perhaps it is unable to resolve? (Check most recent records for this from when it was working from till now)

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I checked the address and it’s ok, I have a feeling it’s something to with the card details Google hold as @theadaloguy suggests.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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