API is sending Post instead of GET to calculate dates

I’ve submitted a support request but maybe someone could help here.

I’m trying to use the date calculator API to calculate a person’s age from their date of birth but when I set up the custom action it errors out because it says it’s receiving a GET, not a POST which it needs. The thing is I definitely chose the POST method- and it still seems to be getting a GET.

Any ideas folks?

can you share a screenshot or a loom video of your setup to understand the issue better?


Yep here you go:

And here using the same parameters you can see the API works when requested from an API test tool:

@speakupboy I tried to call this API in xano too, looks like there’s some issue with the API itself.


Thanks for looking at this. It’s a shame as the API would have been useful for many on Adalo.

As it works in some cases and not in others I’m wondering if going through eg Integromat would get it to work.

When I get chance I’ll have a further play.