App APK has design issues

Hi Everyone,
My app works fine in the preview as well as in-browser link, however, when I compiled the apk I have design issues such as I can see full button text, the Tab bar is not at the bottom, etc.

But here is the screenshot from browser link, and everything looks fine here:

Any idea as to how I can fix this?


Hey, @jeremy @Ben same here

Thanks for sharing these screenshots, we’ll work on getting this fixed.

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Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to it.

I’m Scott Massey, a software engineering intern at Adalo. I’m looking into the bug, specifically the button text getting cut off. I have been trying to reproduce it on my own computer without success. I built your app and then installed the apk onto an emulator, but didn’t see the button text getting cut off. Can you give me any more details for how you ran into the issue? (device, etc)

Actually, it’s arising in phones like One Plus, Motorola & the phones which have a rectangular resolution.

And three more bug you have to look into -

  1. Shadow is not working in android phones
  2. If we use an image & paste a URL of GIF it will not show in android phones.
  3. In some phones form submit button is also not working.

And when your web version will be responsive otherwise give an option like "if user open the web app in mobile it will automatically redirect to the mobile version (aka PWA)


@scottmmassey Is this issue fixed for OnePlus phones? I have OnePlus 6T and this is happening in my phone. My teammates who have a Samsung, Mi, Oppo and Vivo dont see this.

@scottmmassey @Colin @Ben

Please refer to below images where you can see the button text has been cut-off for some reason. This is in my OnePlus 6T phone.

Can you please suggest a fix for this?

check the button text to make sure it doesn’t have a space under it and no extra lines addedScreen Shot 2020-09-17 at 12.54.00 PM

@CopyThat - Thanks !!

I did check out and found the text is set correctly. No extra space or line.

If you resize the button to make it longer in width, do you still experience this issue?

Let me try and report here. Thanks

hi, is there any solution? the apk created damages a lot of the styles mentioned above, like the shadow in the custom list and the footer bar as well.

In my case, to be able to export an apk, I created a web view in native android, but I don’t know if it is the best solution.

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Is this resolved?..I see a lot of difference in the apk and the web version of app. ordered list is just distorted

I’m also see a difference in color profiles too. Colors are washed out vs web app or iOS .