App developer needed to build custom code

Hi All,

I have been using Adalo for a little under a week. It’s the perfect platform to get started building an app if you have no experience; however, it doesn’t do everything I need it to. There are certain aspects of the app like:

  1. Filtering on a list of items (mainly being able to filter on things within a certain distance from user location)
  2. Searching for keywords within a specific list when a custom list is used (there is no option to add search bar)
  3. Sharing a link via a share button that goes back to a specific page/property in the app (I found out how to share, but it only copies a specific property and does not generate a link back to the page in the app)
  4. Accepting/declining requests
  5. Having the ability to request something and it shows up on other users’ end for them to accept the request
  6. Having the ability to have something appear in a specific list once a user accepts a request
  7. Having the ability to restrict something to only a select group of users
  8. Having the ability to open something up to a group of users
  9. Having the ability to send push notifications
  10. Having the ability to make a subscription purchase like you would with other apps offering monthly/yearly subscriptions (you can just pay using apple pay for example)
  11. Having the ability to change password
  12. Having the ability to deactivate an account

This is all I have at the moment. I have built out all screens and created actions–now it is just the above pieces that are missing! I am the founder of a startup and can extend the invitation to join our founding team which comes with many incentives. I am also willing to pay for services. Anything will help! This app deserves to be out in the wild! Looking to launch within the next two weeks.

I am open to building the app from scratch on another platform like Flutter. Adalo is preferred though!


Hi @jjames,

Most of these features are very possible in adalo, everything except No. 3 and maybe No. 8 can be done. If you need some help with those, i’d be happy to help out. Could you share more about what you’re building?


Hi @ojonimi177, I think number 3 is going to be a huge part of the app. Maybe there is a way to generate some sort of code that gets associated with the item a user is trying to share and then the other user who receives the code would just enter it in somewhere to see the item.

Are you able to message me so I can explain the details of the app to you?


Hey @jjames That could work, I’ll try it out and see how that works. Sure i’m sending a message right now.