App is down — I need really (!) urgent help please

Might be. But why am I to blame here :frowning:

We have already reported that there’s currently an issue. The editor and previewer are also not working.

Adalo’s team has been informed.

Thank you @charleshope :+1:

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Thank you!
Note that it’s not only the editor and previewer - it’s the app itself too…

Sorry Tom, I don’t blame you at all, crashing a server is part of growing super fast. It’s annoying for many people, but it’s a good thing if the Adalo team understands the problem, it won’t happen again!

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We are aware of this issue, and it is currently being worked on by our development team to get this resolved as soon as possible.

I will be sure to notify you of any changes in the status of this bug moving forward.


Ah no worries everything is in good vibes Tang :slight_smile:

I have the same issue - I’m new at Adalo is it happening all the time? if yes I’m going to try a different platform.


We have updated our status page to reflect the latest information around this service interruption & have a forum post about this as well. We are working to restore everyone’s service as quickly as possible.


Seems like it’s coming back to normal!

Do you guys also see a update?

Wow, your design is so cool

Nice app! Mind asking how you generate the text pieces? Very well done

Anyone experiencing this issue still?

I am having an issue now while loading the editor!

I feel bad for adalo! but this is so annoying

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Really annoying, but hopefully it gets solved soon

Sending in a support ticket now

it doesn’t matter, they are working on it

Just check on it seems now it’s something related to heroku!

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Ah didn’t realise the status had been changed this morning.