Service Interruption — August 23, 2022

Hi everyone,

We are aware of the service interruption that is affecting almost all of Adalo.

Currently, components are not loading in the editor, Web Apps do not load, Native Apps do not load, and the Previewer is down.

This happened yesterday around 7:00 PM EST & we were able to restore the service quickly. We are working on the immediate fix to this problem and are hopeful of finding a longer-standing resolution, so this does not continue to happen.

We will continue to update the status page with the most up-to-date information about this interruption.
You can find our status page at

Thank you for your patience — we know how frustrating this can be.



Please also note that the Stripe Component is too not loading properly in both the PWA as well as in native apps, all my customers are getting stripe key not provided error message despite the component having been in operation for over 3 months now

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Minimum one hour between posts and the other thread is locked.

Are we being muted?

Forum rules establish that a topic must only have 1 open topic, guess this is the official post to keep track this issue in particular instead of having multiple open posts.

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Hi, a few hours ago I’ve been updating an app… and when I want to see the preview it doesn’t load the new changes, the new links don’t work, it doesn’t create records in the database.

I tried to start an android build and it would not start. I tried a second time and Adalo kicked me out. When I got back in I saw that the Android build was running, but now the current time to build is -48 minutes and continuing to count backwards.

I can’t seem to cancel the build, so is there some way Adalo can do this on their side?


Hi @dilon_perera
I do not believe everything the status page says, it is automated after all.
Right now 50% of my PWAs are down, and any app interactions are slower than usual.

*Tried posting this an hour ago but couldn’t be part of the conversation because I was being gagged by a 1hr forum repost rule, which I do not appreciate.

Hours - literally hours before Adalo were on the forums the community was reporting this issue.

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The long build time is because everyone is pushing their builds now and it is too much for the server. In a few hours it should come back to normal.

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Hi everyone!

The service interruption was declared resolved at 12:43 PM EST. Apps were operational but in a monitoring state beginning at 10:03 AM EST.

We try to consolidate posts and point makers towards our status page to ensure everyone is getting their information from the same source & not going unanswered.

If you are still noticing behavior that was similar to the service interruption from this morning, then please submit a support ticket so we can further diagnose anything that may be happening.

Thank you for your patience as we worked on restoring the Adalo service!


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My adalo app in testflight is still not working. What should i do?

Try submitting a new build

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