Are we going to be able to put our apps on the app store

Does this means we can’t upload apps with Adalo

news article you need to see

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or does it just mean adalo had to be updated and if so has it been updated yet since this post

Hi @ufc500,

Adalo Docs has mentioned this issue on the Docs :

Same topics :

About the Update I think Adalo may need to update and maybe Adalo Team will inform about that!

Thank you

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Yeah, be good to know soon from the Adalo team in case there’s a delay in being able to upload to the App Store.

Any response from @jessehaywood ?

Hey y’all! We are aware of this update. We are working on this and there is nothing needed on your end. It should be ready before the deadline. This is definitely high priority for us and we’ll be sure to keep y’all informed.


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