Adalo can not help to publish native app on IOS

I am really confused after months of working. Please let me know if I am not right. We can create app here, webapp, but not NATIVE. We can not publish it in AppStore, cause Adalo do not support responsive design for ALL type of screens, which will you need for publishing in IOS. We do have NocodeMonkey. But they do not support IPAD screen
So what is the point to build app here if you can not publish it. And if it is true, why this sign is not on the main page of Adalo website.

Hey @karp0ne,

Sorry you’re facing this issue. Adalo apps can be published to both iOS App Store and Android Play Store through Adalo.

While Adalo apps are not fully responsive to all screen sizes, they do resize for mobile devices so you should be covered for iOS and Android devices, but not tablets. You can publish to only mobile devices, so you don’t face issues on tablets.

You can read more about how to publish to the App and Play Store in our help docs!


An obligation of appreciation is all together for the data. I will endeavor to figure it out for extra.

Could you please explain how I can publish app for mobile without using XCODE. Where i can set it up?
Cause before publishing AppStore push us to upload screens for IPad, which is nor responsive


You will not be required to upload screenshots for iPadOS if you do not select it as a target app. Adalo by default uploads apps to TestFlight that do not target iPad, so this will not be required.

You do not need xCode. :blush: follow the instructions in those help docs, and you’ll be able to upload an app to TestFlight.


Wow, Ben, that’s change the game. I thought it is the end. I do not select iPadOS as a target app. Was done everything by instruction. Testflight is working. Now preparing for publishing. Thank you for your support. Much appreciate that, Ben. Thank you!

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