AskGPT query is super slow

Using the AskGPT function I try to query a bedtime story and then output this to the next screen. After firing the action user has to wait approx 1 minute to see if anything came back or it just crashed. 1/3 of times it returns nothing. I tried to make prompts supershort, it shanged a littlebit but still 40-50sek waiting time. Anybody else same problem?

Have you tried using the chatGPT component in the marketplace?

Hm, don’t think so. I’m looking at this marketplace “ChatGPT response” app youtube intro (ChatGPT Response Component - Adalo Marketplace - YouTube) and looking at the 2 weeks old comment below:

Q: Hi, can u connect it to your Adalo db and make it answer with the data you have there?
A: To the extent of my knowledge I don’t think it’s possible. It may be if someone has found a workaround or something like that. Let me know if you have any more questions.

So, maybe the response delay is because I use Adalo DB? Here’s my flow:

  1. GPT prompt is populated from 10 different variables from user collection, saved into the user field named “prompt”
  2. AskGPT is firing this prompt and GPTresponse is also saved into user field, named “GPTresponded”
  3. When “GPTresponded” field is updated, user is sent to next screen and the “GPTresponded” is showed

If I use Xano or Airtable or if I connect with GPT on the database level, would it make any difference in speed and less failing?

Hmm…I haven’t tried that yet.

Maybe @Ali-Bazzi can answer? I know he’s used the chatGPT response component and loved it :slight_smile:

There can be many reasons why it’s so slow. But chat component inside Adalo will be slow in any case. But maybe u can play around with it? Don’t make list in ‘asking’ and ‘aswering’ screen. Just inputs. Yes, it will be one answer which user would be able to see. But you can record conversation and make ‘History’ or smth like that button, which would allow to see all conversation. Don’t know if it’s good for you, but I tried that OpenAi API and without databases answer I am waiting about 10 sec. It’s not bad time.

Hello @James_App_Maker and @Chhhh ! The ChatGPT component is very successful, and it can be used to get data from the database and then answer according to those data. And i haven’t faced any issues with it.

Thank you!

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