Audio plays from your sample loc but not my host

In Preview mode, I can get the audio player to play a sample file I found in your forum (below) but not a file from my server. My file plays ok directly from my url in my browser, so I believe the address is correct.
When the urls are loaded directly in browser, they both show as “Not Secure.”
Additionally I can copy the ‘faithcomesbyhearing’ MP3 to my server and Adalo won’t play it. So I presume it’s something about my host, not my file.
Any ideas?

I imagine if you add an SSL to your domain (via your host) it will work.
I’m guessing you can’t run non-SSL assets (although your second link is non secure also)

Try that - the host should have that option for free

Yes, it was SSL one way or another. Without moving the file, but merely referencing it with a domain name on which SSL was active (, it worked. I wish I could understand why the browser still shows Not Secure when that URL is accessed directly. Thanks for the help.

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