Audio streaming player for radio

is it possible to play an audio livestream from a radio in mp3 format (continuous stream) on ios and android and of course which also continues to play in the background.
My livestream does not work on the simple adalo audio player.

Do you have a solution ?

thanks in advance


Hi @nathanF74 ,

I think the current audio player will not support it, try to hire a component developer for this & I hope he/she will make this possible with a private component.


Hi there,

I am actually building an app for our internet radio station, and it works. There are some cosmetic limitations in the Audio Player that I hope will be fixed, but I managed to capture a stream from our Icecast server, and also update current metadata in the Audio Player (artist, song and album art).

I don’t want to link to the app until its ready, but check these screenshots. I am prototyping, so don’t mind the design. :slight_smile:

One important thing though, I think you NEED your stream to be sent using SSL. This takes a little bit of work depending on what platform you are using to stream.

I should add that the metadata is done via Icecast JSON, API-calls to iTunes API, and then update the Adalo database via a PHP-script, and the list used with Audio Player has to be set to “refresh”. :raised_hands:

There is a bug with the Audio Player that I have already reported (unless there is a workaround), the lock screen does not get updated when the song changes (database update), so if you use the app in your car it will not change the song and artist on your stereo.

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